When you order a new hosting account, it needs some time for the payment to be processed, your account to be set up and then activated. As automated as the process may be, a human factor is constantly involved - your transaction may be reviewed manually or the account might need some technological time to be created by a man or a woman. This is often the case with resellers and it's not unusual to wait for hours, perhaps even for a couple of days. Instead of handling your websites, you spend time awaiting somebody to process the order. In some cases, companies even wait for a number of orders to stack up in their system queue before they process them together, while you can do nothing else but wait for them.
Instant Account Activation in Hosting
If you purchase a hosting plan from our company, you'll not need to wait since your new account is going to be activated very quickly. In just a matter of minutes we will set everything up and we will send you the account login information, to enable you to start working on your Internet sites at once. If you buy a domain together with the hosting plan, it'll be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your Internet site is ready and you have the files on your personal computer, you can just upload them. If you choose any of our free script-driven applications to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s setup, it's going to be ready to use with no delay and since we're available at all times, you can order a brand new account even during holidays and get it activated immediately.
Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers
With a semi-dedicated server plan acquired from us, you will not need to wait around or stress when your new account is going to be set up and activated due to the fact that this happens right away. You can begin developing your website or upload its data files if you already have them on your computer just a couple of moments after you place your payment. In case you choose some script app to be set up during the account creation, you'll not have to wait more time and you can begin managing your account straight away. Our system is going to send you the account and the script login information the minute you submit your transaction, and since we are available 24/7, all the accounts are set up at once irrespective of when they are acquired, even during official holidays. You can forget about awaiting hours or days to be able to begin building your Internet presence.
Instant Account Activation in VPS Servers
While a new VPS server needs a longer setup time when compared to a conventional shared hosting package deal, we ensure that if you get a new VPS from us, it's going to be ready within the hour no matter the configuration you have picked. A server with no hosting CP will be working even within minutes, while one that has a CP (Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin) is going to be fully functioning within an hour after you purchase it. It will take additional time for the additional software to be installed, but we still beat virtually all hosting companies on the market and we provide new virtual hosting server accounts much quicker. With a VPS through our company, you're going to be able to begin creating your websites as soon as it is technically possible and you'll get a 100% functional hosting server with everything required to start your online presence.